3D printing service
with high-performance polymers

Looking for contract manufacturer for your small series production or functional prototypes?
We offer 3D printing service from toughest ultra polymers with our Ultra 3D printers.

World best performing polymers for your application

Standardized polymers

Are you looking for a parts that has Inherent flame resistance (UL94 V-0), meets EN 45545-2 or is FST compliant with an OSU rating of 55/55. These materials meets the strict regulations and can be used in many industries.

Weight reduction

Extreme weight-to-strength ratio and toughness makes these polymers capable to replace metal parts. Resistance to certain chemicals combined with high heat resistance up to 220°C are key features where metal can't be used.

Extreme durability

Good chemical resistance to acids, alcohols, fuels, oils, and halogenated solvents & ESC resistance, Sterilization capability, low outgassing and hydrolysis resistance are common features that makes these polymers unique.

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