3D printing quality assurance

When quality matters, use Aarni for 3D printing quality assurance.

The miniFactory Aarni Process Monitoring System enables 3D printing quality assurance easily during the printing process. With Aarni, you can create trust and transparency in your part production with accurate line-by-line monitoring that ensures the part is certified and completed as desired.


Quality assurance is a key part of the 3D printing process

Research & Prototyping

Aarni provides an easy way to visualize and document the 3D printing process. This allows for a transparent and reliable examination of the material, the 3D printed part, or the printing process itself to achieve the desired result.

Piloting & Production

Aarni makes it easy to ensure the reproducibility of the 3D printed parts. Once you have achieved the desired properties for the part in the pilot phase, use Aarni to create a master sample reference document. To ensure the same quality of the corresponding parts in the future, compare the documentation of the new parts with the original main sample.

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3D printing quality assurance with Aarni Process Monitoring System

1. Print the part

Print the part using a validated print profile made by miniFactory. Use only the certified materials from the world’s leading material suppliers. When the print job is complete, a data file can be downloaded from the 3D printer.

2. Use the Aarni software to overview the data file

Open the data file with the Aarni software installed on your computer. With the Aarni software you’ll have a clear overview of the workflow and the actual printing environment. You can also check the basic parameters used for the printed part.

3. Layer by layer visualization

Aarni visualizes the collected data with a 3D model and charts, which makes it easier to understand the data. By keeping the wire frame view inside the printed part, you’ll see how the part is made, line by line and layer by layer.

4. Ensure the part properties

Aarni visualizes the exact points and lines if the process has exceeded the set limits. This information allows the user to assess the critical points of the component and ensure that it meets the quality standards.

5. Fill the information

The operator can fill in information such as the date of printing and the batch number, so that the printed part can be fully traced. If necessary, additional information can be added.

6. Print the report

Aarni allows you to create a document that highlights the entire printing process. This document has the same intuitive visualization as the 3D model and charts.

Aarni - an unparalleled quality assurance tool for 3D printing

The Aarni Process Monitoring System is the top layer of our 3D printing ecosystem of high-performance polymers. To verify the printed parts, you’ll need the precise information provided by Aarni.

Aarni’s line-by-line and layer-by-layer 3D printing quality assurance ensures that the process has been completed as desired. Aarni will monitor the whole printing process for you. Here are a couple of reasons why Aarni Process Monitoring System is a unique and a must-have feature in the 3D printing process.

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Visually collected data to verify the process

Aarni - Process Monitoring System is a pioneer in Fused Filament Fabrication (FFF) manufacturing. With Aarni you’ll see inside the part you printed and get information that was not previously available.

When printing is complete, you have access to 3D visualization with intuitive and easy-to-use software installed on your computer. The software visualizes printing line by line and layer by layer.

  • Aarni collects every detail of the 3D printing process
  • See the details visualized in the easy-to-use software on your computer
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Aarni creates confidence in 3D printed parts

Our main goal is to make FFF printing a reliable manufacturing method that can be used in the most demanding industries and applications.

With the visualization provided by Aarni, you can be confident about the 3D printed parts that the process has been completed as desired time after time.

  • Aarni certifies the 3D printed parts
  • Make sure the printed parts are fully traceable
  • Certificates can be easily saved and printed

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