MakerPoint, miniFactory and Armor Group start unique partnership in the Benelux

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MakerPoint, miniFactory and Armor Group start unique partnership in the Benelux

Arnhem, February 15th 2019 – Today MakerPoint, miniFactory and Armor Group announced a partnership in which MakerPoint will become official reseller of miniFactory industrial ultra-polymer 3D printers and KIMYA 3D materials manufactured by Armor. With the proven technology of miniFactory Ultra 3D-printers, the materials knowledge of Armor as leading company in ink and polymer formulation, customized material development and production and the leading position of MakerPoint as supplier of digital fabrication solutions, parties aim to provide  industrial companies a complete solution for Additive Manufacturing of end-use parts made of high-quality plastics like PEKK, PEEK, PEI (Ultem) and PPSU.


3D printing is developing fast as a manufacturing technology for end products made of high-performance thermoplastics. These plastics are expensive and traditional machining technologies result in high material losses, making Additive Manufacturing a cost effective alternative. The miniFactory Ultra 3D-printer has a heated printing chamber (up to 250°C) and using KIMYA high-performance materials it can produce strong and dimensional accurate parts for the most demanding applications and industries.


Olli Pihlajamaki, Sales and Marketing Director of miniFactory about this strategic partnership: “We are working closely with material manufacturers like Armor Group who have the best knowledge of these materials. From them, we can get the latest knowledge and expertise of customer applications and demands to develop our 3D printing process to be a perfect match for these materials. With MakerPoint as  local reseller we can offer a full package of expertise and support to the industrial customers”.


“Both MakerPoint and miniFactory share our vision when it comes to creating added-value to industrial end users and printer manufacturers in the Additive Manufacturing industry. This business model, where close cooperation with all parties is involved, sees Armor as the key to success, “says Erik Henstra, Business Development Manager Benelux & Nordics – Armor 3D


 “We are proud of the confidence that miniFactory and Armor has in MakerPoint as official reseller of their products. We look forward this unique solution to propose to our customers “, says Sander Smit, Director of MakerPoint”.


This partnership of MakerPoint, miniFactory & Armor Group will presented during RapidPro 2019 Veldhoven at the booth of MakerPoint.


With five Digital Fabrication Centers, MakerPoint is a leading company for Digital Fabrication Solutions in the Benelux market.   


Sander Smit

Director MakerPoint


Telephone: +316-54310833




Armor has an ambitious industrial vision with effective responses to society’s challenges and believes Additive Manufacturing will be a key-factor in the strategy of the group.


Erik Henstra

Business Development Manager Benelux & Nordics – Armor 3D


Telephone: +316-42703300





3D printed Formula 1 lock nut made with the miniFactory Ultra 3D printer. Material is PEKK-A from Kimya – 3D materials by ARMOR.