Industrial 3D printer

Renew your part manufacturing with miniFactory Ultra industrial 3D printer

3D printing enables a new way to manufacture parts cost-effectively and flexibly to different industries. Our vision is to help you renew your part manufacturing. For you to succeed, we have developed a complete system that lets you manufacture parts on-site by using high-performance polymers and composites.

Read below what makes miniFactory the perfect solution for you.

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Innovative 3D printing technology

The cornerstones of all our products are efficiency, reliability, and quality. We offer the latest innovative technology which enables part manufacturing when and where needed. miniFactory Ultra is the perfect industrial 3D printer for professionals to whom quality matters.

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Process monitoring unlocks reliable production

Process monitoring is an effective way of reaching a level of quality assurance that meets industry standards. Aarni – Process Monitoring System is the top layer in our high-performance polymer 3D printing ecosystem. Connect Aarni to your Ultra 3D Printer to unlock reliable production.

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Get access to the broadest material range on the market

miniFactory Ultra 3D printer has an open material system that unlocks the most comprehensive material range on the market. With the advanced heated chamber up to 250°C, the material range includes the most high-performing polymers and composites. As a result, the material range for Ultra 3D printers is many times wider than in closed systems or in systems with lower chamber temperatures.

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Local life cycle service

Due to our growing authorized reseller network, we are present in more than 30 countries.

We are working closely with the most skilled local operators in the industry to make sure you will always get fast and local service. In addition, our authorized partners are at your service throughout the whole life cycle of the system.

Our trained resellers can provide all services, consult you, and provide instructions on materials, methods, and applications

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