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Learn more about miniFactory Ultra 3D printer, Aarni quality control system, and the properties and applications of various ultra-polymers.

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Industrial 3D Printer

Robust tool for professionals. Take a closer look of specification and key advantages of the system.

Learn more about Ultra’s specifications and critical benefits.


3D Printing Quality Assurance

The Aarni Process Monitoring System is the top layer of our 3D printing ecosystem of high-performance polymers. To verify the printed parts, you’ll need the precise information provided by Aarni.

Learn more about Aarni’s workflow and the key benefits of the system


Materials & Applications

What are ultra-polymers, and where can they best be utilized?

 Learn more about the properties and main applications of different validated materials.

Latest webinars

How to utilize high-performance polymer 3D printing?

  • What are the main benefits of high-performance polymers and what makes them suitable in metal replacement applications?
  • How our customers in wide variety of industries are utilizing high-performance polymer 3D printing?
  • What kind of cost savings can be achieved with miniFactory 3D printing technology?
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3D Printing whitepaper: Semi-crystalline Kepstan® PEKK seals on the miniFactory Ultra®

  • Manufacture of additives for very demanding applications: low cost of capital and efficient use of materials
  • Semi-crystalline PEKK made in addition to traditional PEKK seals: a comparison of performance and mechanical properties
  • The outcome: High-quality and increasing results from the mechanical properties of AM PEKK with the miniFactory Ultra 3D printer

Arkema and miniFactory have collaborated to develop materials and processes for 3D printing functional objects made of semi-crystalline Kepstan® PEKK material. In this white paper, we present the hardware method and results.

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