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The miniFactory Ultra 3D printer

The miniFactory Ultra 3D printer is the culmination of our ten years of experience, industry expertise, and complete ambition for high-performance polymers and composite 3D printing. It is the most powerful and versatile printer for industrial 3D printing on the market. With its easy-to-use workflow and advanced technology, it allows you to focus on the essentials.

miniFactory Ultra 3D printer includes all the features needed to create high-quality and certified 3D printed parts. It is the perfect printer for industrial 3D printing for professionals who value quality.


Key features why the miniFactory Ultra 3D printer is number 1 for industrial 3D printing

1. Extensive material range at your disposal

Thanks to the 250°C heated chamber, our technology enables the manufacture of parts with excellent quality. As a result, you have a wide range of materials, from engineering polymers to high-performance polymers and composites.

With the miniFactory Ultra printer, you can print parts for your own and your customers' needs. Everything from satellite parts to rally car accessories and anything in-between. The Ultra 3D printer is suitable for many different high-temperature materials and different uses. This maximizes printer utilization and cost-effectiveness.

The high-temperature chamber of miniFactory Ultra enables extensive material range today - and in the future. This feature highlights the versatility of miniFactory Ultra and makes it a true all-in-one industrial 3D printing system.

2. Reliable and easy workflow

We have packed our ten years of experience into our products' straightforward and understandable usability, enabling you to produce successful 3D prints time after time.  

As high-performance polymer printing is technology-intensive, it can quickly become complex. However, thanks to our experience, we have made the miniFactory Ultra printer easy to use.

The keystones of the miniFactory Ultra 3D printer are reliability and easy workflow. There are many technical solutions and intuitive steps to do the job, which make printing easy and pleasant to the user. In addition, the miniFactory Ultra printer does most of the work on its own so that you can keep your focus on the essentials.  

3. Industrial level repeatability

Quality and reliability are the basis of all our operations. Therefore, we only use high-quality components in combination with a precision machined frame. This gives you the best possible quality and reproducibility for 3D-printed parts, whether printing small or large quantities.

The miniFactory Ultra printer has robust technology that ensures the printer maintains accuracy during printing. This way, you can be sure that you will always get top quality and industrial-level repeatability.

4. Sensible investment and satisfied customers

The miniFactory Ultra 3D printer is a unique solution that enables reliable 3D printing of high-performance polymers. Moreover, due to its durable features, it is one of the most cost-effective solutions on the market.

We have delivered miniFactory Ultra 3D printers to more than 20 countries. Our customer satisfaction is top class all around the world, as our equipment and services are supreme.

5. Designed for high-intensity use

Our technology is designed for daily industrial use. The assembly expertise combined with high-quality components and a comprehensive service offering enables a warranty of up to five years. This way, the printer's life cycle costs for the first five years are known even before the investment decision.

With our optimized service plan and authorized partner network, you have a local partner to support you throughout the whole life cycle of the system so you can focus on printing parts from day to day throughout the year.

6. Short ramp-up time - effective from day 1!

We deliver the device utterly ready for use. During the system's deployment, a technician performs an inspection and can set up the system prepared to use in two hours!

The functional and internal systems of the printer, such as liquid cooling and pneumatics, are integrated inside the device, so the device only needs electricity to operate. Due to this, you can place the printer freely and move it quickly from one place to another

Technical features

The extremely high temperature of the chamber unlocks the broadest range of materials on the market and ensures the extreme stability of the printed parts. The heated chamber is an essential feature when looking for the best results.

The miniFactory Ultra 3D printer has an open material system, which unlocks the widest material range on the market and lets you source materials from third parties. With the advanced heated chamber, the material range includes the most high-performance polymers and composites.

The Ultra has an open material system, which gives you a material range many times wider than in closed systems or systems with lower chamber temperatures. An open system also lowers the cost of printing materials by up to 70% compared to closed systems.

Read more about validated materials for miniFactory Ultra 3D printer

Precision and stability with high-end servomotors, ball screws, and linear guides ensure large, dimensionally accurate, and reproducible prints. Servo-driven technology is one of the most accurate FFF printing systems available.

The Aarni process monitoring system that we developed enables quality assurance for 3D printed parts. The program can be used to ensure that the parts have been completed as planned. Aarni's line-by-line and layer-by-layer inspection of the printed part ensure that the process has been completed as desired. Thus, Aarni does the whole quality control for you and creates trust in your 3D printed parts.

Preparing and preheating the miniFactory Ultra for printing is fast: it takes less than 30 minutes to heat and stabilize the printing chamber at 220°C. Due to this, the device is ready to print when needed. In addition, the fast preparation time lets you start the printing unexpectedly without having to plan it.

High-performance polymers are susceptible to humidity. Ultra's heated filament chamber ensures the optimal condition for your materials. With the capability to store the filaments up to 120°C and monitor moisture levels, you will always have the optimal conditions for printing and thus the best printing quality.

miniFactory is a pioneer in printing safety. The filtering will considerably reduce the number of emissions present in the printing process of industrial polymers. In addition, the filters can be easily replaced when necessary.

An internal vacuum system ensures easy and fast change for the printing platform. The internal pump is easy to follow with an integrated gauge. The vacuum pump is a fixed part of the system, so there is no need for an external air pressure connection.

To make the printing process as simple as possible, in minifactory ultra basic -model data transfer works via usb. Alternatively, you can choose an offline model, in which case the data transfer takes place via lan connection.
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miniFactory Ultra 3D Printer is trusted by

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