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The miniFactory Ultra is a one-of-a-kind industrial 3D printer that allows you to manufacture high-quality parts cost-effectively and quickly when and where needed. Whether you need a single prototype or an extensive series of specific components, our 3D printing system lets you manufacture parts on-site using high-performance polymers and composites. Thus, you get the highest quality in the fastest production time and have more time to focus on the essentials.

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Get to know the 3D printing system

Validated materials

Validated materials at your disposal: check out the high-performance polymers validated for miniFactory Ultra.

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3D printing applications: where and how to use 3D printing?

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References: take a look at how different industries have utilized 3D printing.

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Ultem 3D printing

Process introduction: how Ultem is 3D printed with miniFactory? and why it is beneficial?

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PEEK 3D printing

Process introduction: how PEEK and other PAEK-family polymers are 3D printed with miniFactory?

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Guaranteed quality assurance with Aarni

Our Aarni process monitoring system ensures that the part is certified and completed as desired when you strive for the highest quality. Aarni monitors the entire 3D printing process for you and produces a visual report to check the outcome quickly. With comprehensive information, you can repeatably manufacture parts and ensure the quality of the end products

Our passion drives us for high-performance polymer 3D printing.

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