3D Print Congress & Exhibition 2019, Lyon

06-06-2019, Lyon. The partnership of Delta 3D Print and miniFactory was present at the 3D Print Congress & Exhibition Lyon.

3D Print Congress & Exhibtion 2019, Lyon

The event lasted from 4th to 6th of June and it offered partnership opportunities and business possibilities. The 300 exhibitors and the 6000 participants gathered together to focus on 3D printing. Around 100 international speakers provided the conference programme, which was focused on the challenges of 3D printing industry.

Olli Pihlajamaki, Sales and Marketing Director of miniFactory about the event:

Just by comparing this year’s exhibition to the one year before the difference is clear. This year’s show was more focused on the industry, which implicates that the additive manufacturing has expanded from mock-up and prototyping towards real life use cases. We stayed at the Delta 3D Print's stand throughout the whole exhibition, which was extremely busy . This provided us first-hand information about the current state of 3D printing industry. The image that the exhibition gave was that the participants of the event are now aware of the benefits and possibilities of the 3D printing. This reflects to the behaviour of the participants. They came to the exhibition knowing that the 3D printing is the best solution to solve their challenges.

“Now it is only matter of connecting right technology with the right material to create needed process”


New manufacturing possibilities

Manufacturing possibilities created by high-temperature 3D printers such as miniFactory Ultra, has reflected to increased demand of ultra-polymers. The benefits of ultra-polymers are known for example in automotive, aerospace and defence industries. The knowledge comes from the long use history of ultra-polymers for those most demanding applications. The cost of traditional manufacturing methods is extremely high due to the cost of material blocks and the cost of heated moulds. More cost-effective manufacturing method is the game changing benefit of 3D printing. The noticeable cost effectiveness compared to other manufacturing methods of ultra-polymers is also main difference comparing to printing engineer-polymers.

miniFactory Ultra is providing the high mechanical strength and precision of the printed part. Therefore, different companies are more than interested to start benefitting from the 3D printing. miniFactory Ultra is one of the most precise printers in the market using FFF-technology. This is made possible by using AC-servo motors and C5 class ball screws known from CNC machines. Due to these mechanical solutions and with the 250°C heated chamber, miniFactory Ultra provides a completely new level of repeatability of prints.




“Meeting the extremely motivated and professional team of Delta 3D Print is always beneficial event. We learn from each other and find solutions to evolve our businesses. It is a pleasure to operate with such passionate team sharing common ideology and commitment to work” – Olli Pihlajamäki.

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