Dronamics Ltd use 3D printing in aircraft development

The aerospace industry has been one of the most significant accelerating forces behind the 3D printing technology for years already. However, since aerospace is a highly regulated industry, the materials must be validated and comply with industry regulations.

3D printing in aircraft development

Dronamics Ltd is a Bulgarian start-up company developing an unmanned aircraft for the so-called last mile delivery. “The BlackSwan” carries load of up to 350 kg over a distance of up to 2 500 km.

As part of the development and validation process, the team used 1:4 scale aircraft to conduct test flights. Some of the components for the 1:4 prototype is produced in single units or micro batches, where one of the key advantages of 3D printing lies. An example of such parts is the set of adapters for the aircraft’s wingbox system. The parts were printed using miniFactory Ultra high-performance 3D printer.

HabitAdd’s team enabled parts to be significantly lighter through optimization of their internal structure. Additionally a full traceability of the quality and process parameters of 3D printing was achieved, thanks to the miniFactory Quality Assurance Technology and our partners from B2N Studio.

3D printing in aircraft development
3D printing in aircraft development cost comparison.


1. Maximum strength/weight ratio

2. Reliable operation in aggressive environment – vibration and temperature changes

3. Manufacturing flexibility, design optimizations after flights


  • Lattice internal structure adapted to the load in the different areas
  • Materials – High-performance polymers Kimya PC-S and ULTEM AM9085F


  • 2,5 x lighter while maintaining necessary strength
  • Almost 3 x lower price
  • Quality control for each production batch
  • Shorter lead time

This project was led by HabitAdd and carried out as a co-operation between Dronamics, B2N and miniFactory.

3D printing in aircraft development

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