Formnext 2019 with miniFactory

Frankfurt, November 19th – 22nd 2019 ­­­­­­– Formnext is the main event of the year for additive manufacturing.

Formnext 2019 with miniFactory

It is the meeting spot for experts from a wide range of different industries such as medical technology, aerospace, automotive and mechanical engineering. All the specialist come together to network and discover the latest innovations of additive manufacturing and industrial 3D printing.

9:00 AM 19th of November the leading global trade fair of additive manufacturing was opened. During the four days of Formnext 34,532 visitors occupied the 53,039 square meters of exhibition space. 852 exhibitors from 36 different nations were more than happy serve the enthusiastic visitors. The exhibition showcased the entire range of materials from metals to polymers and the entire processes behind the additive manufacturing.


At the booth with miniFactory

Welcome to the recap of the exhibition week with miniFactory. The theme of the week for us was to showcase our 3D printing ecosystem for our customers. The ecosystem is based on customer satisfaction. Therefore, during the exhibition we continued building the supportive network of professionals behind miniFactory by shaking hands with IGO3D, our new partner in Germany. They were with our other partners AyS, Delta, Dreigeist, Makerpoint, 3D- Druckwerk at our booth during the exhibition to provide local service for different nationalities with their native language.

We also had multiple extremely beneficial conversations with world leading material manufacturers such as Kimya. The wide range of high-performance polymers were displayed with the parts printed with miniFactory Ultra. Visitors could inspect all the printed parts freely and we also offered more detailed information from the miniFactory Aarni – Process Monitoring System.



Aarni stole the show

The Process Monitoring System was in the center of attention with its unique way of visualizing the printing process. The possibility to go through the process line-by-line and layer-by-layer was displayed with presentations during the exhibition. The booth was full of professionals from different industries and the shared comment about the Process Monitoring System was: “Why this has not been available before?” First time in FFF technology you can really know what has happened during the print. The printable certification of the printed parts was also something that was causing wow moments for our customers.

“The busy week at Formnext was an excellent feedback from the market. We are extremely happy that we got such a warm comments from the visitors. Our products, partners and the network of material manufacturers makes it possible that we can offer the miniFactory quality service for you. Now is the time to make the change, Renew you part manufacturing with miniFactory!”

Our team wants to say thank you for all the partners, colleagues and visitors for making Formnext 2019 possible.


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