High-performance polymer 3D printing

We would like to open up our history and movements toward high-performance polymer 3D printing.

High-performance polymer 3D printing is our passion

3D printing is a fast-moving industry and we have had the honor to stay on the scene for the past 6 years. During these years we have worked with almost 1000 customers from Finland and found a way to Finnish companies and educational institutes. Previously we have manufactured 3D printers for basic polymers. Few years ago we decided to explore high-performance polymer 3D printing and realized that would be right kind of challenge to our talented team. We were super excited from ultra-polymers and started to work really motivated!

Last 1.5 years we have worked ambitiously with ultra-polymers. We have built up our core team and continuously made tests related to polymer chemistry and high-performance polymer 3D printing. Now we are specialized for ultra-polymers. Our brand new miniFactory Ultra 3D printer is a versatile powerhouse for industrial 3D printing. It offers the benefits of ultra-polymers such as ULTEM, PEKK, PEEK, PPSU etc. in a state-of-the art package.

It means our focus is now 100% in industrial level ultra-polymer 3D printing. Together with our excellent partners we aim to be a respectable partner for companies around the world. Currently we are building up our network and looking for the best professionals to serve our customers. For us the most important thing has always been a happy customer. It means that we are here for the customer – not the other way around. We are ready to lead you into the world of high-performance polymer 3D printing!

We have not forgotten about our existing customers, and we provide supplies and support just like before. If you have any questions related to high-performance polymer 3D printing don’t hesitate to contact us!

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