Maker3D Is Our New Authorized Reseller In The Nordic Countries

23-09-2019 ­– We are happy to announce that Maker3D is our new authorized reseller in the Nordic countries.

Maker3D Is Our New Authorized Reseller In The Nordic Countries

Maker3D has over 7-years of experience in additive manufacturing and they are leading 3D printer provider in Finland. They have been working with numerous industries and projects. Combination of experience and wide knowledge of different technologies ensures professional guidance for their customers.

“To have a capable machine with open parameters is a crucial for our future projects, examble in our space projects” – Joni Kumpulainen, Head of sales, Maker3D

Maker3D has been working with additive manufacturing for over 7-years. During this time, they have been working with multiple different industries and projects. Now they have noticed a demand for materials which can not be processed by the equipment found in their portfolio.  Good examble of such demand comes from their customers in the fields of Automotive and Aerospace  which are the ideal users of miniFactory Ultra. Possibility to replace metal parts is the key benefit of having ultra-polymer printer.

Maker3D wants to bring their knowledge of additive manufacturing to the end customers. Now, customers use just a fraction of the capability of modern digital manufacturing. One of the main reasons why Maker3D chose miniFactory as their partner was the know-how that can be seen in the miniFactory Ultra 3D printer and the process around it.

“We have known the staff of miniFactory through the whole history of our company and we like their way to operate. We choose only the quality products and companies that we can rely on.” – Joni Kumpulainen

Know-How For The Customers

Olli Pihlajamaki, Sales and Marketing Director of miniFactory

"3D printing is a new way to produce end use parts, tools and templates of ultra-polymers . We have noticed that this is known only by a fraction of users and industries which would benefit of using ultra-polymer 3D printing. Our goal is to share this knowledge for the ones who would benefit from it.

One great way to share this knowledge is during the exhibitions. It’s our task to provide this information to the ones who need it. If there is even a small chance that you might be interested, remember to participate to the exibitions. The next chance is at Alihankinta Subcontracting Fair in Tampere Finland. During 24-26th of September, Maker3D can be found from the booth C719. Come and talk with the professionals. It’s our task to make your processes easier and more cost-effective. “


Joni Kumpulainen

Head of Sales

Tel: +358 10 2355 143



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