miniFactory Aarni - Process Monitoring System

In the world of 3D printing FFF has been considered as an entry level technology used only for prototyping.

Today we are changing that by launching a product that will get the FFF technology to a whole new level. With this solution, the miniFactory 3D printing process is ready to face the most demanding 3D printing applications and use-cases. Here it is, the solution that brings everything together - miniFactory Aarni – Process Monitoring System. Renew your part manufacturing with quality control unlike ever before.

Base For Reliable Part Manufacturing

First time in FFF, you can see inside your printed part with miniFactory Aarni – Process Monitoring System. This line-by-line and layer-by-layer inspection of the printed part ensures that process has been completed as desired, so the part is free of all hidden errors. Aarni is a cost-effective monitoring solution which generates a completely new type of value. miniFactory Ultra 3D Printer and Aarni together form a system that brings reliability to the end user or customer.

So, what miniFactory Aarni actually does?

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Collect and visualize the data

Aarni collects data with multiple sensors during the printing process. These sensors are monitoring several temperature levels, humidity and other critical values to maintain the quality just like in traditional injection moulding.

Then Aarni uses the collected knowledge to visualize the printing environment and the actual printing layer-by-layer. This way you can inspect the printed part completely with an easy to use interface. The visualization makes sure that you don’t miss anything and first time in FFF technology, you can see inside the printed part.


Ensure part properties

Aarni knows the ideal printing process for each material and displays if limits are exceeded. This way Aarni does the quality control of the print for you. Thermoplastics can be processed on a wide range of temperatures but there is huge variation in mechanical properties ​​at different process temperatures. So even though the part might visually look good, without process monitoring no one can ensure the process and part properties. Aarni performs this verification and makes sure that the component is manufactured with validated process. This way you can follow the miniFactory technical datasheets to calculate the true mechanical properties of the printed part.


Certify your printed part

The possibility to see inside the printed part first time in FFF technology and ensure the mechanical properties gives you a possibility to certify your parts. The certification does not only give the aspect of trust on the printed parts, but it also creates an image of professional part manufacturing. The value of certified parts is something else compared to the uncertified parts, that we have on the market right now. To certify your printed parts, you need the precise information that Aarni provides.


Prevent the effects of moisture

We have included our new Heated Filament Chamber to the package of Aarni, to eliminate moisture in the filament. With the capability to store the filaments in up to 120C temperature and monitor the filament chamber humidity, you will always have optimal conditions for printing. The Heated Filament Chamber does not only ensure excellent print quality. But it also maintains the visual appearance of the printer, since it is integrated to the printer.


Aarni product page

We Have Created The Foundation Layer-By-Layer

Let me take you to a little journey through the steps that has led us to this moment. Since the September of 2017 when we decided to start designing the 3D printer for ultra-polymers. We have been driven by the passion to make reliable additive manufacturing possible with FFF technology. Back then we didn’t know all the needed steps to accomplish this mission, but we were determined to succeed.

miniFactory Ultra

The first step towards our goal was to create the machine that is capable of handling high-performing polymer in a reliable and repeatable manner to fulfil the need for professional 3D printer. Through the research and development process that lasted almost two years, we learned the needed features for the required product. In the beginning of 2019, we launched miniFactory Ultra. The 3D printer that is reliable and professional with repeatable printing process. We made this possible with: heated chamber that can reach up to 250C, servo driven technology for precise movements and robust steel frame to prevent any distortions during the printing process.

Certified filaments

The next step towards our ambitious goal was to provide the material for the actual manufacturing. This led us to build up exclusive network of world leading material suppliers with certified filaments. The full traceability and consistency in the filament ensure professional printability.

Technical datasheets

With miniFactory Ultra and the certified materials, we were able to create validation process to build the printing profiles with correct setting ensuring optimized printing quality and mechanical properties. We implemented the validation according the official ASTM standard.  The results of these tests are pointed out on our technical datasheets which are providing valuable data and can be used as the basis for all component design.

All these layers build up and create an excellent base for reliable FFF 3D printing. But to complete our mission about reliable additive manufacturing, we bonded these layers together with miniFactory Aarni Process Monitoring System.

Value For Everyone Without Compromises

The software that we have developed for miniFactory Aarni follows the same easy and intuitive use as our Ultra 3D Printer. This ensures that anyone can use the software without experience about process monitoring. We also have a trained network of miniFactory officials all around Europe to provide support if needed.

miniFactory Aarni can be also used for research purposes. It collects data from multiple measurement points with different sensors. Data collecting is done every second, so you can follow the behaviour of temperature, humidity and cooling through the whole print process. This data can be used many ways for example in the development of new materials. When the process is monitored by Aarni, you can focus on something else.

If you want to be ahead of your competition, renew your part manufacturing with miniFactory.

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