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Congratulations!  You have made a great decision by purchasing Ultra 3D printer.

Soon you will receive the Ultra 3D printer ready for action. miniFactory authorized specialist will arrive shortly after to do a deployment check and comprehensive user training. From the investment to a fully trained user of a miniFactory Ultra within two weeks. Read how it’s possible and about the whole miniFactory experience from below.


Let us explain what miniFactory experience means. It is a combination of a product, service and support that we provide to our customers. miniFactory Ultra 3D printer is made to last and withstand heavy industrial use and, therefore, we want to train and support our customers so that they are happy to use the printer 24/7. Let’s go through the steps of the experience together!

From the moment that the purchase confirmation of miniFactory Ultra 3D printer has been made, it takes usually less than two weeks to receive the printer to your facilities. The printer is shipped as a complete unit, so there is no need for assembly crews or long-lasting deployments. miniFactory authorized specialist will arrive to your facilities to do the deployment and ensure that the printer is in perfect condition. Just don’t go too far since the deployment usually takes less than 30 minutes! We made this possible with our design engineering, testing and experience. The printer needs only a power supply to be in an operation condition after shipment. After we have checked the printer is in perfect condition, you need to  prepare yourself for a comprehensive training.


As mentioned in the beginning of the post, we want to ensure that our customers are happy to use Ultra 3D printer in all situations. Therefore, we provide user training as a part of our service for our customers. The training consists of basic information about the 3D printer, FFF-technology and the software that will be used. But the main thing is that we want to answer to each customer’s specific needs and for that reason we customize each user training.

We are usually splitting the training in two days, the first day is build around the printing process and getting familiar with the product. The second day is customized for the needs of the customer. Our customer can decide whether we are  focusing the training on how to design the parts for optimal production, special features of the printer, special features of the slicer or something completely different. After the training our customer will be an expert of the printer, no matter what the level of the knowledge about 3D printing has been before the training. We made this possible for you with our easy-to-use touch screen with intuitive interface and the help of detailed training

“We are really satisfied with the user training that we got. The printer is easy to use, has good printability and wide range of setting temperatures. This is the best printer I’ve ever used!” – Akiko Orimo R&D Manager, Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation


Part of keeping our products running even in the most demanding situations is our wide and rapid support network. The networks consist partners from over 10 different countries. Therefore, we are able to provide the service and support to our customers locally and with their native language. With the help of world leading material manufacturers, our partners and scientists, we can find the answers even to most challenging questions.

We ensure that our partners have the latests knowledge in house by providing guidance and continuous training for each specialist. Our partners are not only the sales representatives, they are also users of Ultra 3D printers. They help us with beta testing of the latest software and to develope the printer to be even better.


We want to ensure that the owners of Ultra 3D printers can be focused on their business and use the printer as their reliable tool. Therefore, we make the  Ultra 3D printers in Finland with the best possible components so that our customers don’t have to worry about downtime caused by malfunction of a part.

miniFactory Ultra is the tool for heavy industrial work with modern manufacturing capabilities. Owners of Ultra 3D printers have a key to renew the part manufacturing just by clicking the screen. We are here to provide this possibility to everyone. You just have to make the decision and start the miniFactory experience today!

Riku Hietarinta

Technical Specialist

miniFactory Oy Ltd

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