miniFactory Ultra was unveiled at TCT Birmingham

The miniFactory Ultra was unveiled at TCT Birmingham in last week. The exhibition kept us busy for the entire three day event.

TCT Birmingham

There was constant interest around our machine among TCT visitors, who had been waiting for something like the miniFactory Ultra to arrive to the market.

The Ultra is the most versatile and cost-effective 3D printer designed for ultra-polymers. Above all the Ultra has gone through a long development process. It’s been carefully polished for us to be certain that the machine fulfills the expectations of the most demanding users. The 250°C heated chamber enables the printing of the most demanding ultra-polymers like ULTEM, PEKK, PEEK, PPSU etc. with high quality. With the Ultra it is also possible to use third party materials which makes the machine a perfect platform for material development. Therefore the material costs will be significantly lower.

An optimal ultra-polymer 3D printer

High quality 3D printing requires adequate and precise temperatures for the nozzle, heated chamber and the print bed to make the parts strong and accurate. In practice, in the same price range the Ultra is the first fully capable ultra-polymer 3D printer in the market, which can print warp free and mechanically strong parts. The optimal process and high quality mechanics in the device ensure high print quality.

Below is an explanation why the glass transition temperature is so critical in amorphous polymers. It explains how it defines the final strength and accuracy of the printed parts.  Therefore if the printing chamber’s temperature is too low, it will lead into unavoidable issues.


Special features of the Ultra

miniFactory Ultra was unveiled at TCT Birmingham and along with it's main features. One of the special features of the Ultra is the automated post-processing of semi-crystalline polymers, which require an annealing process. During this process the part crystallizes, which will remove the residual stresses and strains of the material. This will also maximize the strength of the part. After the part has been printed, the object can be placed back into the chamber and then it can be annealed by using the control panel of the machine. The post processing will allow the polymers to achieve the properties that the end user expects of it.


  • Ultimate strength with heated chamber up to 250°C
  • Large print size with 330 x 180 x 180 mm build area
  • Versatility with ultra polymers like ULTEM, PEKK, PEEK, PPSU etc.
  • High nozzle temperature up to 480°C
  • Extreme printing quality with servo motors
  • Integrated annealing system for post processing


  • Fully automatic calibration – optimal first layer adhesion
  • Separable dual extruders – cleaner printing result & support material available
  • Large 7” touch screen – easy to operate
  • Vacuum table – easy & fast build platform change
  • Activated carbon filtering – considerably reduce the amount of emissions


  • Device measurements: 100 x 80 x 100 cm
  • Device weight: 160 kg
  • Power requirements: 230V / 16A

Want to have a sample print?

miniFactory Ultra is now available for order. The shipping starts during the first half of December. We are currently having negotiations with multiple resellers in many different countries. Therefore the verified resellers will be announced on our website.

If you are interested of ultra-polymers 3D printing, we would be happy to offer a sample print to prove the high print quality of the miniFactory Ultra. Contact us for more information.


The product launch also stirred up interest in media sources from many countries. By clicking the media source’s name, the article will open to a new tab:

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We will also participating to FORMNEXT18 in next month. Come by and visit our booth 3.1 B78.

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