3D printing in the defence industry

In the defence industry, equipment performance and durability expectations have been set to the highest standard. The defence industry is at the forefront of engineering, and the design's success depends on the optimized strength-to-weight ratio and creative solutions. 3D printing in the defence industry with high-performance polymers is the answer to this challenge.

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Vehicle parts

Suitable high-performance polymers and composites with flame-smoke-toxic certification can increase your vehicle's performance by reducing the weight without compromising safety or durability.

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Spare parts

Instead of carrying spare parts and pieces for all possible configurations, the industry can directly use 3D printing to manufacture parts based on-demand on-site.

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Fast prototyping

When schedules are non-negotiable, 3D printing high-performance polymers gives defence manufacturers the freedom to rapidly manufacture or build complex, functional prototypes and test parts.

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High strength-to-weight ratio to optimize the performance

Defence industry vehicles are expected to have extreme performance. 3D printing ultra-polymers opens unprecedented opportunities to meet these performance expectations. Besides the extreme chemical resistance and mechanical durability, ultra-polymers have required flame resistance in defence vehicles' internal parts. When you combine these admirable properties with the lightness of polymer, you can achieve the desired performance gains for the vehicles.

Metal brackets, housings, jigs, ventilation parts, and many other components of vehicles, drones, and ground stations can be replaced with 3D printed high-performance polymer alternatives. Thus, the replaced part has all the required properties, making it lighter and corrosion-resistant.

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Mobilize your spare parts manufacturing

The miniFactory Ultra 3D printer is a compact manufacturing unit that you can easily and rapidly move from one place to another. Besides placing it on a base, you can locate it, for example, to a ship or movable container. This enables manufacturing with high-performance polymers quicker, more effectively, and where needed.

Parts manufactured using the miniFactory Ultra FFF-technology are ready for use directly after the print without complex post-processing steps, making the part production safe and easy.

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Functional materials for demanding applications

The defence industry develops enormous amounts of equipment, drones, and vehicles exposed to extreme environments. Therefore, the material for the production needs to be selected correctly. High-performance polymer 3D printing in the defence industry enables rapid testing of prototypes. Thus, you can test the prototypes in action in the actual usage environment.

The defence industry is characterized by a desire to keep the stages of development projects in-house. The miniFactory Ultra 3D printer enables safe and secure manufacturing on-site.

3D printing in the defence industry with miniFactory Ultra 3D printer

  • Premium selection of high-performance polymers provides solutions for the demanding applications of the defence industry.
  • 3D printing in the defence industry enables part production for all needs, on-site and on-demand.
  • Rapid equipment development is possible due to the hands-on testing experience provided by the 3D printer prototypes.
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