3D printing in robotics

Robotics is an innovative industry that constantly strives to make the impossible possible. 3D printing in robotics offers an unprecedented opportunity to expand the operations with high-performance polymers. For example, 3D printing provides more freedom to the design of robots, accessories, and tooling. See below for examples of the use of 3D printing in robotics.

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Robotic tools

With high-performance polymer 3D printing, the robotic tools can be made lighter and functional under harsh conditions.

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Robot development

The miniFactory Ultra offers shorter development cycles and a faster process for verifying the functionality of prototypes. With the miniFactory Ultra, you can keep the production of R&D parts in-house accurately and reliably.

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Robot spare part manufacturing

With 3D printing, you can manufacture spare parts for robotics cost-effectively and without significant logistical investments. The miniFactory Ultra 3D printer makes manufacturing easy anywhere, anytime.

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Lightweight parts made to last

The lighter the tool can be, the more room there is for the payload of the robot. In addition, the tools printed with high-performance polymers can be exposed to chemicals or radiation without the effects of corrosion.

With the designers' freedom that industrial 3D printing provides, tools can be optimized to work with even the most complex geometries. The customer can use the same robot for various cases just by changing the tool to match each process and project.

Reduce the lead time of the R&D project

Robot development projects can utilize high-performance polymer 3D printing in functional prototypes to gain a realistic view of the product's performance. In addition, it provides valuable feedback that can be used in the revisioning of the parts effectively.

Due to the safe and intuitive use of the miniFactory Ultra 3D printer, anyone from the R&D team can be the operator and produce parts without the internal bureaucracy of the company. Thus, robotics professionals can finally have the freedom to achieve their designs in-house and without material waste.

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On-site on-demand manufacturing

Since there are many different models of robots, there is an even higher number of unique spare parts. With 3D printing, these parts can be made on-demand, without high warehouse expenses or logistic challenges. With industrial 3D printing, you can produce spare parts on-site using suitable materials for the right applications.

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3D printing in robotics with miniFactory Ultra 3D printer

  • The wide range of high-performance polymers, suitable for the miniFactory Ultra, offers extreme properties from heat resistance, chemical resistance to rigid or flexible features. These are crucial for the ever-changing requirements of robotic tools.
  • 3D printing is a beneficial add-on to the robotic industry since it opens possibilities to the OEMs and the end-users of the robots.
  • The ability to 3D-print different tools for robots significantly increases practical applications for them.
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