The partnership of Delta 3D Print and miniFactory begins in France

La Garenne-Colombes , April 1th 2019 - The announcement of the partnership of Delta 3D Print and miniFactory is published. Due to the partnership, the Delta 3D Print will be the official distributor of the miniFactory Ultra printers in France.

The partnership of Delta 3D Print and miniFactory begins in France

Both ends of the partnership are bonded by common ideology about providing high-end products and solutions for end customer needs.

“Target is to be one of the main actors of the fourth industrial revolution through additive manufacturing” – Yves Daunas, President of Delta Equipement and Delta 3D Print

Delta Equipement was founded in 1976 by Yves Daunas. Delta is a French company which is specialized in the development and supply of automation solutions. During the 40 years of industrial presence the company has learned the importance of co-operation with the customer. To answer to the demand of the additive manufacturing solutions, Delta 3D Print division was established in 2016.

” Few years ago, miniFactory decided to be a key player on the 3D print market for printing Ultra-polymers.” - Yves Daunas

The Ultra-polymer printing is providing answers to the demand of the customers of Delta. Delta found evident that miniFactory is the correct key partner to share customers high tech applications that needs to be produced with Ultra-polymers. Yves Daunas points out that: “In the age of globalization, companies can no longer work in isolation and decide to treat everything on their own.”

Olli Pihlajamaki, Sales and Marketing Director of miniFactory about this partnership in France: “From the first meeting with the Delta, we noticed the common way to operate and their expertise in additive manufacturing.

The shared knowledge creates a base to produce solutions for the customer. The customer is in the centre of the business. The shared ideology is a good foundation to build up a strong partnership with Delta. Delta has long industrial presence and admirable business knowledge, which gets our full respect. miniFactory aims to build up the business partnerships in long term. The tools to improve our businesses are based on communicating, supporting and sharing expertise. This way to operate is the most beneficial for the customer.”


This partnership of Delta 3D Print and miniFactory  will be present at 3D Print Congress & Exhibition Lyon , June 4-6, 2019.


Yves Daunas

President of Delta Equipement and Delta 3D Print


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