The partnership of Dreigeist and miniFactory begins in Germany

Nürnberg, May 28th 2019 ­­­­­­– The announcement of the partnership of Dreigeist and miniFactory is published.

The partnership of Dreigeist and miniFactory begins in Germany

From now on Dreigeist will be the official distributor of miniFactory Ultra printers in Germany. The high quality and the easy use of the printer were the key factors to create the interest for Dreigeist to make the partnership possible.

Dreigeist was founded in 2016 by Christopher and Mareike König. Christopher König has over 15 years of experience in additive manufacturing. This is due to the history in motorsport and automotive engineering. During that time the focus has mainly been in prototyping. Dreigeist started their journey as an additive manufacturing consult and the main service was to solve customers challenges in additive manufacturing implementation to their processes. When the customers started to ask recommendations about different machines, the idea to start reselling the machines arose. They began their reselling with DLP and SLA technologies by due to the printing of different ultra-polymers the focus has turned also to FFF technology. The possibilities ultra-polymers provide for different application is one of the key aspects why FFF technology is important part of their product repertoire.

“Our core business is to look around customer needs and find a solution from our wide variety of expertise and technologies” – Mareike König, Co-Founder of Dreigeist

The possibilities that the mechanical strength, thermal and chemical resistance of ultra-polymers provide compare to other polymers is changing the polymer printing industry. With ultra-polymers the print can be an actual product not only a prototype. With the certificated materials and validated processes that miniFactory is providing are playing key role when the production is moving toward more challenging end use applications.

Olli Pihlajamaki, Sales and marketing director of miniFactory about this partnership in Germany:

“From our perspective, Dreigeist is extremely professional company whose long history with different 3D technologies creates expertise which is convincing. The personnel of Dreigeist is highly motivated to stay on the edge of the technology and they want to offer the best sides of different 3D technologies. Dreigeist and miniFactory share common ideology about the way to operate and serve the customers, therefore, we are excited about the partnership and the new possibilities that come with it.”


This partnership of Dreigeist and miniFactory  will be present at Rapid.Tech + FabCon 3.D  , June 25-27, 2019.


Christopher König

Co-Founder, Dreigeist

Telephone: +49 (0)911 - 8 911 911 9





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